Foods for Hormonal Health

This is an hour-long deep dive into the myriad ways your diet and eating patterns can affect your gut health (of course!) and your hormones.

We discuss:

  • how naturopathic doctors are trained and practice with regard to diet and lifestyle
  • individual dietary needs
  •  diet is a foundational pillar for good health
  • female hormones are related to nutritional status and the balance of estrogen and progesterone is key!
  • some of the key nutrients that are important for: menstrual cramps, for estrogen elimination and detoxification in the liver, a healthy sex drive, balanced moods and adult acne
  • how the pill depletes nutrients in a woman’s body
  • foods that contain beneficial phytoestrogens
  • foods that contain sulforaphanes and glucosinolates
  • foods good for the menopausal transition
  • how your ABO blood type interfaces with dietary recommendations