A Training Tailored for Professionals

Using Complex Homeopathy for Chronic Illness

Addressing complex illness with homeopathy

Drainage homeopathy is a system of medicine that addresses the complexity of today’s health challenges. Chronic stress, environmental threats, viral and bacterial pathogens all contribute to organ system dysregulation and chronic illness. Specifically, our nervous systems and immune systems are totally overwhelmed. Although there are plenty of modalities in natural medicine, complex homeopathy provides a unique way to address these subtle and profound issues that are driving many of our chronically ill patients or clients.

As opposed to “classical” or “constitutional” homeopathy that uses one substance, “homeopathic remedy” at a time, complex homeopathy uses remedies that are formulated with more than one homeopathic substance to support the eliminations, or drainage routes, of the body.

  • With a focus on organ system physiology, rather than “the totality of symptoms” I believe complex homeopathy is a far more direct and effective way to move patients toward better health.
  • This is a training course for licensed professionals, especially naturopathic doctors, and is open to anyone that has a practice working with clients on chronic health issues. If you are curious if the course is the right fit for you, please email me.

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Monday, January 8th
5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern

  • Why opening the drainage routes of the body is essential to address chronic illness
  • The philosophy of complex homeopathy and drainage–a different model to address complex chronic illness
  • Helping the highly sensitive patient recover from complex chronic illness- toxic exposures, infections and chronic stress
  • How using drainage helps patients and your job as a practitioner of natural medicine
  • How complex homeopathy is radically different than classical homeopathy and why it is essential to use with highly sensitive patients
  • How drainage is different than “detox”
  • How more “aggressive” therapies can actually make your patients worse
  • An alternative to chasing deficiencies by supporting the natural elimination pathways of the body with gentle medicines 

Why you should use drainage homeopathy in your practice:

If you’re not supporting healthy eliminations, you’ll wind up endlessly chasing deficiencies and pathogens. Ultimately, this means your patients with complex, chronic illness either won’t make progress, get worse, or relapse. There is a more effective approach that I am excited to share with like-minded practitioners through this training.

Dr. Ginger Nash portrait

I am Dr. Ginger Nash and I’ve been a licensed naturopathic physician since 1998 when I graduated from what is now NUNM in Portland, OR. The summer of 1998, when I was studying for medical boards, I began my studies of drainage homeopathy with Dr. Gerard Guéniot. I went on to attend his entire master class series for over a decade. After meeting Dr. Peter D’Adamo in 2007, I immersed myself in epigenetics, nutrigenomics and acted as chief medical officer at Dr. D’Adamo’s clinic in Wilton, CT for 3 years. My approach to patient care is grounded in both the science of nutrition and the application of principles of homotoxicology using complex homeopathics. I also use single remedies, herbal medicines and low-dose immunotherapy (LDI).

I can’t think of any other physician better qualified than Dr. Ginger Nash to teach Complex Homeopathy. She blends  extensive technical knowledge with a long history of clinical experience into a unique opportunity for students wanting to master this important clinical tool.
Dr. Peter D’Adamo 
Wilton, CT

Dr. Nash has filled in the gaps in my education with knowledge I never would have had accessed had I not found her! Learning her approach to complex homeopathy has shifted the way I practice medicine, improved patient outcomes, and taken the guesswork out of an otherwise esoteric field. I look forward to learning more and credit Dr. Nash with boosting my expertise and confidence in a major way! 

Dr. Tara Nayak 
Philadelphia, PA 
Learning from Dr. Nash has been game-changing for my practice. My patient outcomes have improved and I have a deeper understanding of the therapies I am using. I cannot say enough good things about her teaching and look forward to her professional training. 
Dr. Erin Kinney
Annapolis, MD

Dr. Nash is an amazing practitioner, colleague and mentor who provides a wealth of information for some of the most challenging cases. Her expertise has allowed me to assist in greater depth those struggling from chronic pain, chronic disease and hormonal concerns. She has the unique ability to weld together various lineages of therapeutic healing tools to match the present time and conditions of those that need us the most.

Dr. Leah Hollon

Richmond, VA


There is a huge focus on lymphatic health in this course. Topics related to evaluating and treating everything from endometriosis, to chronic pathogens (viruses, bacteria, mycoplasma) to severe sensitivities and mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS). 

Here’s the course at-a-glance:  
Meeting 1: Drainage and the Terrain: Central Issues in Complex Chronic Disease (Saturday, January 20th 8am Pacific/11am Eastern) 

Meeting 2: Drainage, Detox, Homotoxicology and Lymph (Monday, January 22nd 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern)

Meeting 3: Miasm and Complex Illness (Saturday, January 27th 8am Pacific/11am Eastern)

Meeting 4: Q&A (Monday, January 29th 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern)

Meeting 5: Clinical Module: Intestinal Health (Saturday, February 3rd 8am Pacific/11am Eastern)

Meeting 6: Clinical Module: Women’s Health-hormonal imbalances (Monday, February 5th 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern)

Meeting 7: Q&A (Saturday, February 10th 8am Pacific/11am Eastern) 

Meeting 8: Clinical Module: Women’s Health–lesional pathology (Monday, February 12th 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern)

Meeting 9: Q&A (Saturday, Februry 24th 8am Pacific/11am Eastern)

Meeting 10: Clinical Module: Auto-immune Conditions (Monday, February 26th 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern)

Meeting 11: Clinical Module: Infectious and Post-infectious Syndromes (Saturday, March 2nd 8am Pacific/11am Eastern)
Meeting 12: Post-Infectious Cases and Q&A (Monday, March 4th 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern)
Meeting 13: Follow up and integration (Date TBD, ~1mo after training ends) 

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is for licensed professionals, especially naturopathic doctors, but open to anyone that has a practice working with clients on chronic health issues.

This course will be a dive into the way to assess and select complex, or drainage, remedies so that you will have a clear entry point for addressing your complex patients with a multitude of issues. I will take you through a number of cases from my own practice and there will be ample time for questions and cases from your own practice.

Even though the focus is on homeopathy, there will be other aspects of naturopathic medicine (nutrition and herbal medicine) woven throughout.

Meetings 1 – 3 will be theory and framework.

Meetings 4 – 13 will be clinical topics as follows:

Intestinal Health, Women’s Health-hormonal imbalances, Women’s Health-lesional pathology,

Auto-immune Conditions, Post-infectious Syndromes (includes Lyme and viruses), and Metabolic Syndromes.

We will review cases from actual naturopathic practice, discussing a homeopathic approach to chronic illness within the context of nutritional science and the principals of homotoxicology and nervous system regulation. Unlike many online courses which are just an “information download”, this training will encompass all of these modalities within a clinical context. You will have the opportunity to bring your patient cases for discussion to the live Q&A sessions that will be held during the course.

Curious to learn more about this approach before the free webinar?

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