Drainage Homeopathy:

Getting Results with Chronic, 
Complex Illness

Addressing complex illness with homeopathy

Drainage homeopathy is a system of medicine that addresses the complexity of today’s illnesses. Staying healthy in the modern world is a daily challenge. Chronic stress, environmental threats, viral and bacterial pathogens all contribute to organ system dysregulation and chronic illness. Specifically, our nervous systems and immune systems are totally overwhelmed! Although there are plenty of modalities in natural medicine, complex homeopathy provides a unique way to address these subtle, yet profound issues that are driving many of our chronically ill patients or clients.

As opposed to “classical” or “constitutional” homeopathy that uses one substance, “homeopathic remedy” at a time, complex homeopathy uses remedies that are formulated with more than one homeopathic substance to support the eliminations, or drainage routes, of the body. With a focus on organ system physiology, rather than “the totality of symptoms” I believe complex homeopathy is a far more direct and effective way to move patients toward better health.

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Class size is limited to 20 per cohort.

Frequently Asked Questions


This course is for licensed professionals, especially naturopathic doctors, but open to anyone that has a practice working with clients on chronic health issues.


This course will be a dive into the way to assess and select complex, or drainage, remedies so that you will have a clear entry point for addressing your complex patients with a multitude of issues. I will take you through a number of cases from my own practice and there will be ample time for questions and cases from your own practice.

Even though the focus is on homeopathy, there will be other aspects of naturopathic medicine (nutrition and herbal medicine) woven throughout.

We will review cases from actual naturopathic practice, discussing a homeopathic approach to chronic illness within the context of nutritional science and the principals of homotoxicology and nervous system regulation.

A course tailored for professionals.

Expand your knowledge.