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Meet the Founders

Dr. Ginger Nash and Dr. Tara Nayak
Feminology revolves around the work of 2 naturopathic doctors with a combined 25+ years of clinical experience and work in education. The aim of this community is to help women better understand themselves and the working of their bodies, especially the subtle orchestra of our hormones. Hormones play a significant role in the way women feel and they interact with many other bodily systems, essentially balancing overall health and state of mind. Feminology is about exploring women’s health in the context of our culture. This means we acknowledge the effects that economic status, racial, gender and religious bias play in our health. The time has come for honest conversation about women’s lived experiences in their female bodies. Moreover, there is a lack of scientific information presented to women when faced with making choices about issues central to their health and well-being. We are working toward changing that every day!

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Foundations for Hormone Balance

The Best Birth Control Method For You

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In this episode of The Feminologist Joy Herbst,  a holistic nurse practitioner, Gray Area Drinker sober coach and Ayurveda counselor joins Dr. Nash for a

Podcast Episode 2: Pill Damage: The Dangers of “Hormonal” Contraceptives

In this episode of The Feminologist Dr. Tara Nayak & Dr. Ginger Nash have a candid conversation about the hidden costs of hormonal contraceptives. They discuss the wide-range of impact oral contraceptives can have on the body and how to support women in making an empowered choice about whether they will use this method of birth control.