I have been focused on lymphatic health for a number of years. Both my focus on the immune system and women’s health mean I am always interested in evaluating how well this system is working in the body. My use of whole-body thermography gives me a window into the health of the lymphatic system as it measures 18 different lymph points on the body and can tell me how well the lymphatic system is performing it’s job of removing waste products from our heavily burdened systems.

That is the main job of the lymphatic system, to rid the body of waste products from every area, including the brain through the glymphatic system. It is imperative to have good lymphatic health in order to maintain good overall health. 

Our lymphatic system relates to gut health, immune system function and the flexibility of our nervous system to regulate many bodily functions. 

Below you can find more resources for information I’ve shared about this crucial system in maintaining good health in today’s toxic world: 

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