Podcast Episode 2: Pill Damage: The Dangers of “Hormonal” Contraceptives

In this episode of The Feminologist Dr. Tara Nayak & Dr. Ginger Nash have a candid conversation about the hidden costs of hormonal contraceptives. They discuss the wide-range of impact oral contraceptives can have on the body and how to support women in making an empowered choice about whether they will use this method of birth control.  

  • rhythms are suppressed in the body by oral contraceptives
  • the inherent dangers of birth control pills despite being touted as an instrument of freedom
  • not a cure–really just a Band-Aid 
  • MDs may not have the tools to address issues naturally so will rely on oral contraceptives for a myriad of issues women are looking to address
  • birth control pills aren’t really hormones but drugs that suppress natural rhythms of hormones in the bodies throughout the month 
  • consequences across the tissues in the body 
  • how our brains are influenced by hormones, affecting our mood, personality and behavior
  • are oral contraceptives a “gateway drug” for anti-depressants? 
  • essential nutrients are depleted from oral contraceptives 
  • our menstrual blood is an extraordinary way that women detox each month
  • oral contraceptives can permanently reduce testosterone levels and effect libido long term

Featured in this Episode: 

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