Podcast Episode 1: What’s Wrong with Wellness?

In this episode of The Feminologist 

Drs. Nash and Nayak discuss the wellness industry–mostly what’s  wrong with it, according to them, and how their work as naturopathic physicians is adjacent to the “wellness space.” This episode covers: 

  • how culture impacts the health and wellness of us all  
  • whiteness and privilege gets ignored in natural medicine circles 
  • food accessibility, and food poverty
  • who has access to self-care? 
  • the goop on GOOP
  • time poverty is real for the  majority of women 
  • cultural appropriation in the wellness industry 
  • how “wellness” has become intertwined with neoliberalism
  • internet culture and the wellness industry
  • functional medicine versus naturopathic medicine
  • what would community-care look like versus self-care?
  • the perils of social media for women
  • your hosts share their notions of self-care

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