Podcast Episode 5: Love Is Medicine with Razi Berry

In this episode of The Feminologist, Dr. Tara Nayak interviews Razi Berry who has been a pioneer and advocate for the naturopathic medical movement. Together they explore what “Love is Medicine” really means and get into Razi’s story that sparked her on the path to healing herself and sharing this work with so many others! Learn about: 

  • discovering naturopathic medicine
  • why love is such an important medicine 
  • how our relationships impact our health 
  • our “three hearts”: in our brain, gut and the heart as we know it
  • how sharing and vulnerability makes us feel connected 
  • gauging safety when sharing with the world 
  • intuition and its healing powers for practitioners and individuals
  • the journey to trusting ourselves
  • utilizing all our senses for a more connected existence
  • steps to take to hone and trust our intuition 
  • how to set healthy expectations
  • what is the opposite of love? 
  • word association with two Pisces! 🙂