Podcast Episode 7: Questions at Age 35

In this episode of The Feminologist, the doctors break down what, if anything, we should be thinking about around the age of 35 with regards to our health. There’s lots of info about fertility in this episode but also about other issues like long-term use of birth control and antidepressants, mental health around age 35, thyroid health and more! 

  • what is “advanced maternal age” 
  • economics and having children 
  • do we need to worry? is 35 “just a number”? 
  • hormonal changes that occur and what about getting pregnant? 
  • anti-mullerian hormone (AMH)–does it mean anything? 
  • naturopathic care for fertility 
  • what about if you’ve been on medications for years
  • birth control for women who are done having children, or never want to have them (tubal ligation, hysterectomy, etc.) 
  • prevention of health issues as we age–what to do? 
  • pros and cons of genomic analysis 
  • there is naturopathic support for mental health, heart health, brain health, bone health, etc. 

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Featured in this Episode: 

Cracking Complex Cases addresses is about how Dr. Ginger Nash how approach chronic illness and chronic problems for patients with creatively put together complex homeopathics. 

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