I would not be here today to write this recommendation if I did not cross paths with Dr Nash. After nearly 30 years of navigating through the allopathic medical system, being told they didn’t know what was wrong with me & there was nothing that could be done for me, Dr. Nash put her intelligence, knowledge & dedication into getting to the root cause of my problems & giving me everything needed for bringing my body, mind & spirit into function & alignment.


I have been seeing Dr. Nash for almost 19 years now, and consider her my primary care physician. I’m not one for quick fix pill popping of western medicine, so I quickly felt comfortable with Dr, Nash’s holistic approach. She is confident and reassuring with any health issue, and all that she practices and has prescribed has worked wonders! I have been to her through some deep depression and anxiety, to fever and congestion, from winter illnesses, occasional back pain to acute injuries, and when needed, she never hesitates to recommend seeing a traditional MD. Only from receiving regular thermography with her yearly, was I diagnosed with SVT, a cardiovascular issue requiring medication, because Dr. Nash was alerted to it in my results and urged me to see a cardiologist right away. I would never have had this early detection, if not for thermography. I highly recommend being in her care and think of her as my “health goddess.”


When you find yourself in a place where you’ve tried everything your PCP suggests, and it only makes things worse, Dr. Ginger Nash is the person to see. Time and time again she has patiently listened to my chronic symptoms and offered testing and natural solutions that I haven’t found anywhere else. She is constantly working on my case and offering new solutions for healing. She really cares. Furthermore, Dr. Nash creates a relationship with her patients where she encourages you to make changes at your own pace, empowering you and your relationship to your health and body as opposed to my experience with so many other doctors. She is my go to and I feel deep gratitude to have her expertise in my life.


I’ve recommended Ginger to many friends and family members because she has helped me make so many positive health changes with chronic conditions—allergies, interstitial cystitis, digestive issues and more. She is caring, always accessible and ahead of the curve with new and better ways to address your health issues. It’s also exceptionally great that she takes the time to integrate her suggestions with care you’re receiving with MDs. Ginger is an outstanding doctor and I think of her as a true friend in my health journey.


Dr. Nash is the first doctor who heard me and she has continued to listen over the years I have been seeing her. She treats me as she would a friend or family member. I have never been just a patient or a number. She is human first and then she leaps in as a medical professional to bring her expertise, knowledge and understanding of you as a whole person. Her care has been a blessing to me. I highly recommend her.


I am beyond thankful for how much of a difference Dr. Ginger Nash has made in my life. I have known her since the beginning of her practice twenty years ago, and have watched her success grow in her field. She has dedicated her life to helping women get through the uncomfortable years of menopause so we don’t have to experience some of the discomforts of this life change. She has been there for me “above and beyond”, and has helped me immeasurably. I am so grateful for her knowledge, her skills, her experience.
I am now 68 years old and though I have recently begun struggling with pain management, Ginger is always making me feel better and helps me heal. Always open to learning new techniques, she is one of the best acupuncturists in the industry. Just listen to her podcast and you will see how empowering she is for all women. Ginger is there to heal whatever you may be going through, and is someone you can always trust. 


I have been struggling with a slew of autoimmune diseases since 2006 – including Systemic Lupus and Scleroderma with kidney disease. I have tried so many different therapies and doctors to try to heal naturally. I feel better than I have in a very long time since I started seeing Dr. Ginger. My energy level, my aches and my body in general has changed dramatically. People I know have been asking me what I’ve been doing because I look so amazing! Her approach is something you won’t just find with any naturopathic doctor, she is truly unique.


After 2 weeks of taking the supplements that Dr Nash prescribed for me my migraines of 20 years have diminished by 65 %. Now after 5 months they are almost completely gone!


A true partner in your health, Dr. Ginger’s approach is truly collaborative. Her knowledge of the body’s intricate (and often overlooked) systems is SO refreshing, and she is excellent at explaining things in an easy to understand way- not always easy to do for doctors! She has proven to be the most widely knowledgeable “whole body” medical professional I have ever worked with. She fully explains the nuances of her thought process, but is open and receptive to the discussion that is often necessary to arrive on common ground.

Equally as important, it is clear that Dr. Ginger cares deeply, and she embraced me for the complex body, mind and spirit that I am. She does not just consider the person sitting in front her at that moment, but the lifetime of experience that has contributed to this person and their state of health and well-being.

I am so grateful to have found Dr. Ginger, and I know she will be a partner in my health care for a long time to come!


Most compassionate, patient doctor I have experienced! My doctors had no idea nor could figure out what was wrong with me nor could offer me any options as I continued to decline. After many doctors, trials and treatments I am making a miraculous, dramatic recovery under the care of Dr. Nash for just 3 months from being on the couch with limited function to actually being able to participate in life again! Forever grateful!


For the first time EVER, I am understanding the complex biological cycles that are natural for females because of [Dr. Nash’s] instruction and knowledge. Her guidance has transformed my life! I no longer feel broken and lost, but whole and repairable.


Dr. Nash is a resource every woman needs in her life. Her guidance and healing as I have moved thru menopause has brought me to my 60s in excellent health. In addition to menopause issues, she has been my primary doctor for monitoring my blood glucose and thyroid. I am in the medical field, so I especially appreciate her unique perspective outside of the yearly pap smear gynecological exams. Try her, then you too can be an amazing woman feeling great each and everyday!


I consider Dr. Nash my primary care physician. She is the definition of lovely. Her knowledge and experience is vast, putting you at ease that you are in the right hands. While she is most certainly results-oriented, what makes her undoubtedly rare is the fact that she is a true healer within. She cares about you as a whole person, as demonstrated by the time she takes to build a personal relationship with you, and she puts her heart and soul into seeing you get well.

She has gone above and beyond for me, and I am so grateful for her level of commitment, effort, and care. I highly recommend Dr. Nash to any individual who is seeking to resolve health challenges by fixing the root cause of symptoms or who is looking to find a long-term primary care physician. My experience with her has been a refreshing one–it’s hard to find a doctor who is so down-to-earth, loves what they do, and who can get the job done. I can certainly speak from experience when I say finding the right physician is half the battle, while healing accounts for the other half. Working with Dr. Ginger Nash is a sure solution.


I was recently diagnosed with endometrial cancer. I can’t begin to tell you the difference being under the care of Dr. Nash has made in my life. She truly cares for her patients and their wellbeing. Being given a cancer diagnosis immediately makes you feel out of control. With Dr. Nash’s guidance I feel that I am in control and making positive changes. I feel with her extensive knowledge I am doing as much as possible to be proactive and healthy. Dr. Nash is truly a healer and I would not be able to navigate this path without her guidance.


At first I was reluctant to visit an out-of-network doctor, but I had also read about patients who suffered for years with chronic health issues associated with Lyme Disease, and who sought help from doctor after doctor, before they finally received a diagnosis and treatment. I did not know for sure whether or not I had an active Lyme infection, but certainly I did not want to be one of those people who continued to suffer. From my first meeting with Dr. Ginger Nash, I felt assured that this was a physician whose knowledge and practice were centered on sound practices that promote patient health and healing, and I appreciated her review and explanation of what she found from my previous lab tests in combination with the thermography test (which was totally new to me).

When she told me that I was dealing with the effects of Lyme Disease, I was simultaneously concerned and relieved about the diagnosis. She started me on a treatment plan immediately, and the following weeks of recovery were physically and mentally challenging. She told me to stay the course and not give up. After several weeks, I repeated the Lyme Western Blot tests independently and received my first “CDC positive” result that confirmed the Lyme infection. While there was no question in Ginger Nash’s mind, it was a good for me to have lab results that finally confirmed the clinical diagnosis.

Getting past Lyme was an important step on my road to recovery, and I am thrilled how Dr. Nash has helped me to understand and to work through a complex set of health issues. I am feeling better than I have felt in a long time. While I discontinued my thyroid medication several months ago per the recommendation of a different MD, I can now happily share that recent thyroid lab results show that I am no longer hypothyroid! Here’s to hope, health and happiness! Not to mention, feeling good about visiting the doctor!


I was referred to Dr. Nash from a friend in 2009. I had suffered from poor digestion, awful skin irritations, and the feeling of fatigue for no reason. Going to Dr. Nash has not just cured each of my struggles but has brought me to a whole new level of health that I had never imagined. I feel amazing not just physically but mentally and emotionally! I feel confident, strong, clear, focused, more energetic, and overall happier. Dr Nash put together a very easy structure to follow in my busy life. I am confident I can trust Dr Nash. My family and close friends saw how much Dr. Nash had helped me and are now patients enjoying the same benefits as I have. I proudly recommend her to anybody.


I was in a car crash in 1998 causing collarbone fracture and broken ribs. Since the collarbone healed, it is deformed and one inch shorter than the other. Since then, as I carry my stress in my shoulders and neck, my left trapezius muscle spasms and hurts a great deal of the time. Until I met Dr. Ginger Nash. At the urging of my massage therapist, I consulted Ginger a couple of years ago for acupuncture. As a traditionalist American physician, I was skeptical but willing to try anything. I had been in constant pain for several months with no relief. After my first acupuncture experience, the pain was relieved for 3–4 hours; after my second treatment, no pain for 3–4 days; after the third, 3–4 weeks; and after the fourth, the pain has never recurred!

I am no longer a skeptic and have recently been seeing her for acupuncture for a flare-up of old sciatica. The treatments are definitely helping relieve the pain.