Licensed Naturopathic Physician

Over 20 years of clinical experience

Many people struggle with chronic health issues that involve the intersection of our immune systems, our hormones and our nervous systems. Using a combination of low dose immunotherapy, nutritional support and drainage homeopathy, I aim to rebalance and coordinate the hormone, immune and nervous systems for optimal health.


Whole-body evaluation, Precision Medicine, Compassionate Care

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Patient Testimonials
I would not be here today to write this recommendation if I did not cross paths with Dr Nash. After nearly 30 years of navigating through the allopathic medical system, being told they didn’t know what was wrong with me & there was nothing that could be done for me, Dr. Nash put her intelligence, knowledge & dedication into getting to the root cause of my problems & giving me everything needed for bringing my body, mind & spirit into function & alignment.
Carol Z.

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Listen to conversations between Dr. Nash and other innovative practitioners of natural medicine.  Topics range from menopause to digestive health to immune and nervous system regulation.

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Drainage Homeopathy: Getting Results with Chronic, Complex Illness