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Dr. Ginger Nash

I am a licensed Naturopathic Physician, and after 25 years of practicing natural medicine I’ve come to appreciate the incredible power our bodies have to heal, given the right combination of support in a proper therapeutic order. Even if you have tried taking natural supplements on your own, have read multiple books on health and healing, or have worked with a number of other doctors, I am confident that the tools I use in my practice and the wisdom I have gained over many years of working with complex illness will help illuminate the root causes of your health issues and help determine where we need to begin working toward your health goals.

Professional Training

My passion and vision is to help train practitioners that are looking for a framework to address chronic illness in their clients. It incorporates concepts from herbal medicine, European biological medicine, complex homeopathy (aka "drainage"), miasm theory and individualized nutrition with a significant focus on lymphatic health. This nuanced approach isn't taught at any school. The training is appropriate for clinical education for NDs, Nutritionists, Functional Medicine Doctors, bodyworkers, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, health coaches, APRNs and Nurse Practitioners. 

Over 25 years of clinical experience

Are you my patient?

Chronic fatigue, digestive distress, post-infectious syndromes and menstrual irregularities are the most common concerns that lead people to my office. These complaints involve systemic inflammation, hormonal imbalances and nervous system dysregulation.


My job as your doctor is to grasp the connections between these complex systems and help you restore better function and overall health. Nutritional support, low dose immunotherapy (LDI) and drainage homeopathy are the cornerstones of my work.

Start healing today

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Autoimmune Conditions and Immune Dysfunction

Auto-immune conditions have reached epidemic levels and diseases like celiac, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis and some forms of diabetes are common complaints that I address. I also work with food sensitivities, seasonal allergies, mold and other toxin exposures that may trigger myriad symptoms across the body.

Menopause and Hormonal Health

Each life-stage requires special attention as hormonal imbalances produce profound effects on many of your tissues and systems, including your brain. In addition, I work with women in all life stages with PMS/PMDD, PCOS and irregular menstrual patterns. Many of these conditions intersect with the immune issues I have described elsewhere on this website.

Post-Infectious Syndromes 

Lyme and Co-infections, Bacterial, Fungal and Viral pathogens may present differently according to each person's genetic and epigenetic inheritances and the ability of our immune, hormone and nervous systems to effectively eliminate the infectious agent. My aim is to make your system more resilient in the face of these increasing threats.

ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Post-Covid

The chronic inflammation involved in these conditions must be addressed comprehensively. My work in supporting healthy eliminations and targeted immune support for the rebalancing of the nervous system is an essential piece of this puzzle. This works beautifully in conjunction with other, higher impact, forms of therapy. 

What patients are saying


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I would not be here today to write this recommendation if I did not cross paths with Dr. Nash. After nearly 30 years of navigating through the allopathic medical system, being told they didn’t know what was wrong with me, and there was nothing that could be done for me, Dr. Nash put her intelligence, knowledge and dedication into getting to the root cause of my problems and giving me everything needed for bringing my body, mind and spirit into function and alignment.

Carol Z.

I have been seeing Dr. Nash for almost 19 years now, and consider her my primary care physician. I'm not one for quick fix pill popping of Western medicine, so I quickly felt comfortable with Dr. Nash's holistic approach. She is confident and reassuring with any health issue, and all that she practices and has prescribed has worked wonders! I have been to her through some deep depression and anxiety, to fever and congestion, from winter illnesses, occasional back pain to acute injuries, and when needed, she never hesitates to recommend seeing a traditional MD. Only from receiving regular thermography with her yearly was I diagnosed with SVT, a cardiovascular issue requiring medication, because Dr. Nash was alerted to it in my results and urged me to see a cardiologist right away. I would never have had this early detection if not for thermography. I highly recommend being in her care and think of her as my "health goddess". 

Lisa I.

When you find yourself in a place where you’ve tried everything your PCP suggests, and it only makes things worse, Dr. Ginger Nash is the person to see. Time and time again she has patiently listened to my chronic symptoms and offered testing and natural solutions for healing. She really cares. Furthermore, Dr. Nash creates a relationship with her patients where she encourages you to make changes at your own pace, empowering you and your relationship to your health and body as opposed to my experience with so many other doctors. She is my go-to and I feel deep gratitude to have her expertise in my life.

Kathleen P.

I’ve recommended Ginger to many friends and family members because she has helped me make so many positive health changes with chronic conditions- allergies, interstitial cystitis, digestive issues and more. She is caring, always accessible, and ahead of the curve with new and better ways to address your health issues. It’s also exceptionally great that she takes the time to integrate her suggestions with care you are receiving from MDs. Ginger is an outstanding doctor and I think of her as a true friend in my health journey.

Kathryn S.

Dr. Nash is the first doctor who heard me and she has continued to listen over the years I have been seeing her. She treats me as she would a friend or family member. I have never been just a patient or a number. She is human first and then she leaps in as a medical professional to bring her expertise, knowledge, and understanding of you as a whole person. Her care has been a blessing to me. I highly recommend her.

Michelle H.

Individualized care for complex chronic illnesses

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