After 20+ years of practicing natural medicine I’ve come to appreciate the incredible power our bodies have to heal, given the right combination of support in a proper therapeutic order.

Even if you have read all the latest health blogs, even if you’ve tried taking natural supplements on your own, even if you’ve worked with a number of other doctors, I am confident that the tools I use in my practice and the wisdom I have gained over many years of working with complex illness will help illuminate the root causes of your health issues and help determine where we need to begin working toward your health goals. 

Existing Patients 


If you are an established patient of Dr. Nash, you can book online here.

Please note, if you have not consulted with Dr. Nash for over 3 years you need to re-establish care as a new patient and must call or email to book.


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New Patients


New patient inquiries please call 475.355.4112 or email office@gingernash.com.

You can also contact us to set up a free 10-minute consult to determine if working with Dr. Nash is the right fit for both patient and practitioner.

PLEASE NOTE: These short consults are simply to determine if Dr. Nash feels comfortable working with your health concerns and to answer any questions you might have about her approach to chronic illness and preventive care.  They will not serve as opportunities to share lengthy health history and pose personal treatment questions.


Free 10 Min Consult