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Getting better results with complex chronic illness: A training for professionals

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Addressing complex illness with drainage homeopathy

If you’re not supporting healthy eliminations, you’ll wind up endlessly chasing deficiencies and pathogens. Ultimately, this means your patients with complex, chronic illness either won’t make progress, get worse, or relapse. There is a more effective approach that I am excited to share with like-minded practitioners through this training.

Drainage homeopathy

Is a system of medicine that addresses the complexity of today’s health challenges. Chronic stress, environmental threats, viral and bacterial pathogens all contribute to organ system dysregulation and chronic illness. Specifically, our nervous systems and immune systems are totally overwhelmed. Although there are plenty of modalities in natural medicine, complex homeopathy provides a unique way to address these subtle and profound issues that are driving many of our chronically ill patients or clients.

As opposed to “classical” or “constitutional” homeopathy that uses one substance, “homeopathic remedy” at a time, complex homeopathy uses remedies that are formulated with more than one homeopathic substance to support the eliminations, or drainage routes, of the body.

Drainage is different than “detox” in that it supports the natural elimination pathways of the body with gentle medicines, rather than chasing deficiencies, toxins, or pathologies. With a focus on organ system physiology, rather than “the totality of symptoms” I believe complex homeopathy is a far more direct and effective way to move patients toward better health, particularly highly sensitive patients who are recovering from complex chronic illnesses, toxic exposures, infections and chronic stress.

Course at-a-glance:

There is a huge focus on lymphatic health in this course. Topics related to evaluating and treating everything from endometriosis, to chronic pathogens (viruses, bacteria, mycoplasma) to severe sensitivities and mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS). 
Join the waitlist to be notified when the training opens up to new students. 

Meeting 1:

Drainage and the Terrain: Central Issues in Complex Chronic Disease

Meeting 2:

Drainage, Detox, Homotoxicology and Lymph

Meeting 3:

Miasm and Complex Illness

Meeting 4:


Meeting 5:

Clinical Module: Intestinal Health

Meeting 6:

Clinical Module: Women’s Health-

Hormonal Imbalances

Meeting 7:


Meeting 8:

Clinical Module: Women’s Health–Lesional pathology

Meeting 9:


Meeting 10:

Clinical Module: Auto-immune Conditions

Meeting 11:

Clinical Module: Infectious and Post-infectious Syndromes

Meeting 12:

Post-Infectious Cases and Q&A

Meeting 13:

Follow up and integration

  • This course is for licensed professionals, especially naturopathic doctors, but open to anyone that has a practice working with clients on chronic health issues.

  • This course will be a dive into the way to assess and select complex, or drainage, remedies so that you will have a clear entry point for addressing your complex patients with a multitude of issues. I will take you through a number of cases from my own practice and there will be ample time for questions and cases from your own practice.

  • Even though the focus is on homeopathy, there will be other aspects of naturopathic medicine (nutrition and herbal medicine) woven throughout.

    Meetings 1 – 3 will be theory and framework.

    Meetings 4 – 13 will be clinical topics as follows:

    Intestinal Health, Women’s Health-hormonal imbalances, Women’s Health-lesional pathology,

    Auto-immune Conditions, Post-infectious Syndromes (includes Lyme and viruses), and Metabolic Syndromes.

  • We will review cases from actual naturopathic practice, discussing a homeopathic approach to chronic illness within the context of nutritional science and the principals of homotoxicology and nervous system regulation. Unlike many online courses which are just an “information download”, this training will encompass all of these modalities within a clinical context. You will have the opportunity to bring your patient cases for discussion to the live Q&A sessions that will be held during the course.


About me

I am a licensed Naturopathic Physician, and after 25 years of practicing natural medicine I’ve come to appreciate the incredible power our bodies have to heal, given the right combination of support in a proper therapeutic order. 

My passion and vision is to help train practitioners that are looking for a framework to address chronic illness in their clients. It incorporates concepts from herbal medicine, European biological medicine, complex homeopathy (aka "drainage"), miasm theory and individualized nutrition with a significant focus on lymphatic health. This nuanced approach isn't taught at any school. The training is appropriate for clinical education for NDs, Nutritionists, Functional Medicine Doctors, bodyworkers, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, health coaches, APRNs and Nurse Practitioners. 

What past students are saying


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I can’t think of any other physician better qualified than Dr. Ginger Nash to teach Complex Homeopathy. She blends  extensive technical knowledge with a long history of clinical experience into a unique opportunity for students wanting to master this important clinical tool.

Dr. Peter D’Adamo, Wilton, CT

In this era where we are rapidly losing the teachings of the old-timers in naturopathic and European biological medicine -as these docs are passing and homeopathy is getting marginalized by schools of natural medicine -it is a true gift that we have Dr Ginger to carry the torch. She is a master of individualized medicine and able to synthesize the science and art of complex homeopathy as it pertains to the illnesses of the modern era.


Dr. Ginger's knowledge of complex homeopathy and drainage is vast, and she is able to teach how to encourage deep healing and change in patients by truly supporting and identifying root cause issues, beyond the functional medicine model. She has mentored and studied with the best, has a profound knowledge of natural medical history, and is truly a gifted, caring and kind doctor and teacher.


I sing her praises - not only because I think she is a super great human, friend and fellow classmate, but because the knowledge she shares has allowed me to expand my medical toolkit to profoundly help my patients feel better in every way.

Cory Reddish, ND
NUNM Class of 1998

I can’t give high enough praise for Dr. Ginger Nash’s Complex Homeopathy course.  It was a well-organized course packed full of useful and clinically relevant information.  Dr. Nash is a wealth of knowledge on all things related to women’s health and chronic illness.  She teaches with passion and makes learning fun and accessible.  Her approach is refreshing– not a lot of bells and whistles, just good, sound, naturopathic medicine. I can’t wait to see what other courses she puts together!

Kate Egan, ND, IFMCP
Naturopathic Doctor, Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner
Avalon, CA

Dr. Nash is a true expert in the area of drainage applied to women’s health and complex health cases. She teaches with a strong base founded on extensive knowledge, experience and passion for the subject which I believe is increasingly more important to include in my toolbox as a Naturopathic Doctor trying to be of assistance to patients affected by an ever increasing complex world and environment.

Brooke Leason, ND
Centro Naturopático
San Juan, Puerto Rico

As a PT who specializes in lymphatic drainage, craniosacral therapy and functional nutrition for the past 30 years, I know how primordial the lymphatic system and the emunctories are to our health. While my work has been making an invaluable impact on those issues, it primarily focuses on the “physicality”  of the symptoms and its causes. 

By adding the principles of complex homeopathy together with the infinite knowledge and wisdom of Dr Nash into my practice, my patients' physiology and chemistry now have what it takes to not only hold the physical changes but to build their health back like never before.

Since adding the remedies to my patient’s treatment POC, It has been a privilege to witness how their inner wisdom and self healing capabilities have been enhanced and how they trust their body again as it works for them and not against them anymore! Their hope is my drive and  I am so so grateful to have gained that knowledge so far into my professional life.

Nadine Verdebout, PT, CNPT (Certified Nutrition Physical Therapist), FNLP (Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner), CLT (Certified Lymphedema Therapist)

Dr. Ginger, please don't stop offering courses--you definitely have to offer this course as a mainstay of your school. I really appreciate the insight and knowledge that only comes with experience and practice, as well as the sensible and compassionate way in which you have imparted the information to us.

Bevorly Cain-Berk, RN and NP

I was really delighted to find that complex homeopathy dovetails so well with a functional approach. I've been able to immediately make use of what I learned in the course and apply it in my nutrition practice. Dr. Nash really packed a lot into the course but she made it feel manageable and accessible, even to someone like me without any prior training in homeopathy. The lectures were great, as were the Q&A sessions. I especially loved that we were able to share cases to discuss as a group--this was probably the most helpful aspect when it came to being able to quickly start utilizing specific products with clients. I highly recommend this class.

Robin Randisi, BCHN, FNTP, RWP (she/her)
Functional Nutrition Counseling

I loved every minute of it! Dr. Nash has a great teaching style that is easy to follow. She is well organized and this is something I appreciate. I learned so much from this training and the case studies. Every case study and topic was relevant to my patient base.

Pamela Connor, Functional Medicine Nutritionist
Connor Wellness Clinic

Dr. Nash has filled in the gaps in my education with knowledge I never would have had accessed had I not found her! Learning her approach to complex homeopathy has shifted the way I practice medicine, improved patient outcomes, and taken the guesswork out of an otherwise esoteric field. I look forward to learning more and credit Dr. Nash with boosting my expertise and confidence in a major way! 

Dr. Tara Nayak , Philadelphia, PA 

Dr. Nash is an amazing practitioner, colleague and mentor who provides a wealth of information for some of the most challenging cases. Her expertise has allowed me to assist in greater depth those struggling from chronic pain, chronic disease and hormonal concerns. She has the unique ability to weld together various lineages of therapeutic healing tools to match the present time and conditions of those that need us the most.

Dr. Leah Hollon, Richmond, VA

Learning from Dr. Nash has been game-changing for my practice. My patient outcomes have improved and I have a deeper understanding of the therapies I am using. I cannot say enough good things about her teaching and look forward to her professional training. 

Dr. Erin Kinney, Annapolis, MD

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